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Greetings, compassionate souls! I’m excited to share a heartening tale of a Christmas celebration that brought love and joy to the hearts of those often forgotten on the streets of Harare. In December 2023, Chozen Foundation teamed up with the incredible EatOut Movement and generous sponsors to host a Christmas party for the homeless, spreading festive cheer and reminding everyone that they too are cherished.


In the heart of Harare, where the city’s heartbeat resonates with a rhythm of resilience, a magical event unfolded. Our foundation, in collaboration with EatOut Movement and the support of various sponsors, orchestrated a Christmas party that transcended the ordinary. Hosted at Trinity Methodist Church, the goal was simple yet profound: to bring joy and love to those who often find themselves on the margins of society.

EatOut Movement embarked on a mission fuelled by love and compassion. Their Christmas party for the homeless was born not just from a desire to share the joy of the season but as a testament to the belief that everyone, especially marginalized groups like the homeless, deserves to experience the warmth of Christmas. In a world where the homeless are often marginalized and stigmatized, EatOut Movement’s initiative shone as a beacon of inclusivity, proving that Christmas is about more than just festivities—it’s about shared moments, love, and the simple joy of being seen.

EatOut Movement brought invaluable expertise and enthusiasm to the table. The event aimed to not only provide a festive feast but also to create a space where the homeless could experience the warmth of community and connection. It wasn’t just about serving meals. It was about serving advocating for a society where everyone has a place to call home. EatOut Movement stands as a voice for those whose cries are often drowned out by societal prejudices and endeavours to dismantle stereotypes and create a platform for the homeless to be seen, heard, and respected. The Christmas party for the homeless emerged from a fundamental need—to extend the joy and love of Christmas to those who might otherwise miss out. The homeless often face the harsh realities of being excluded from the celebratory moments that many take for granted. This initiative sought to bridge that gap and bring the spirit of Christmas to those who need it most.

Christmas, traditionally a time of gathering, feasting, and shared moments, can be isolating for those without a home. EatOut Movement recognized this and set out to create an atmosphere where the homeless could feel not only included but also cherished, seen, and valued during the festive season. Christmas, for many, is synonymous with feasting and companionship. EatOut Movement’s Christmas party redefined the narrative by emphasizing that it’s about more than just food and company. It’s about creating an environment where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, can experience the joy, warmth, and camaraderie that this season brings.

The impact of EatOut Movement’s initiative echoed in the expressions of gratitude from the beneficiaries. The homeless individuals who attended shared not only their thanks for the delicious meals but also for the compassion they felt from the all volunteers. The presence of volunteers was a reminder that they were seen, heard, and valued—an invaluable gift during a season traditionally marked by togetherness.

The Christmas party wove a tapestry of compassion that went beyond material offerings. It became a space where stories were shared, laughter echoed, and, most importantly, a sense of belonging was fostered. The event painted a picture of a Christmas that transcends economic and social divides, emphasizing the universality of joy and love.
Amidst the laughter and shared moments, we had the privilege of sitting down with Anna Matore. At 25, Anna is not just a beneficiary; she is a testament to the resilience that defines the human spirit. As a mother of two, her journey has been marked by challenges that many of us can only fathom. Anna’s openness and candour allowed us to glimpse into the struggles she faces daily. Unable to afford medication for her children, she carries the weight of a mother’s concern on her shoulders. Her story echoed the silent battles waged by many on the streets of Harare, highlighting the stark reality that a mother’s love sometimes must contend with the harsh constraints of circumstance.

What made this Christmas party particularly special for Anna was not just the festive atmosphere or the delicious meal—it was the anticipation of hope. Anna had been looking forward to this event, knowing that it held the promise of a brighter moment amid life’s challenges. The simple act of being seen, heard, and embraced by the community became a beacon of light in her journey.

Anna’s narrative also shed light on the profound impact of EatOut Movement. Throughout the years, the organization has been a consistent source of support for Anna and others facing similar struggles. The anticipation of assistance and the joy derived from knowing that the community cares became palpable through Anna’s words. Her story is a reminder that behind every statistic or stereotype, there is a unique individual with dreams, struggles, and untapped potential. As we reflect on this special Christmas celebration, let Anna’s journey inspire us to continue our collective efforts.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Chozen Foundation


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