How To Help

Empower Lives with Chozen Foundation : How You Can Help Join Our Mission to Uplift Zimbabwe At Chozen Foundation, we’re driven by the belief that every act of kindness can significantly impact vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe. Here’s how you can help: Volunteer with Us Join our passionate volunteer team to directly engage and make a […]

Open Tribe School Development Project: Building Brighter Futures in Harare

Empowering the Youth of Epworth The Open Tribe School Development Project, in collaboration with Project 25, is a transformative initiative dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children in Harare, Zimbabwe. The project targets the Open Tribe Foundation, a pivotal educational institution located in Epworth, which has the fifth highest population density in […]

The Hutano Program

The Hutano Program”: Nourishing Zimbabwe’s Future Addressing Food Insecurity in Zimbabwe The Hutano Program is a proactive initiative aimed at tackling the pressing issue of food insecurity and enhancing the nutritional well-being of vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe. Recognizing the dual need for immediate relief and sustainable development, this program is structured to address both short-term […]

Fill a Backpack for Zimbabwe

Understanding the Need In Zimbabwe, many communities face daily challenges due to lack of essential supplies and resources. Addressing this, a new initiative, “Fill a Backpack for Zimbabwe,” aims to make a substantial difference by providing these communities with backpacks filled with necessary items. In collaboration with local organizations, the initiative has identified critical needs […]

Our Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Taida was in-between jobs and had to rely on friends and family for financial support. It was during this period, that she began to contemplate the dire situation of many people in her home country, Zimbabwe. Unlike her, most people in Zimbabwe were struggling due to the pandemic […]

Helping the homeless

Greetings, compassionate souls! I’m excited to share a heartening tale of a Christmas celebration that brought love and joy to the hearts of those often forgotten on the streets of Harare. In December 2023, Chozen Foundation teamed up with the incredible EatOut Movement and generous sponsors to host a Christmas party for the homeless, spreading […]